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Welcome to the Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy at Penncrest High School

The Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy program gives students a chance to take charge of their educational experience. Our program allows students to work alongside teachers and peers on a daily basis using a combination of small group and computer-based instruction. RTM SYA provides a non-traditional high school setting that gives students the same education they would receive in a traditional classroom, but in a flexible environment that emphasizes one-on-one learning, personalized support and small class sizes led by compassionate teachers.

RTM SYA graduates receive a Penncrest High School diploma and become members of the Simon Youth Foundation Alumni Network, a national network of nearly 22,000 SYF graduates. Through the SYF Alumni Network, RTM SYA graduates can connect with their fellow alumni, explore professional and event opportunities, and share important milestones with SYF.


SYA Contact Information

David Stango-SYA Principal:

Betsy Spardel-SYA English/Social Studies Teacher:

Selena Cooper-SYA Math/Biology Teacher:

Amanda Sheldon-SYA Special Education Teacher:

Beth Zeleznick-SYA Administrative Assistant: