Health & Physical Education

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6th Grade Health

Students will learn all about the structure and function of the nervous system as it relates to their developing brain. Students will investigate the different parts of the brain and explore ways to develop and keep it safe and healthy. Through this, students will expand on their executive functioning and intrapersonal skills. Students will practice stress management, decision making, and conflict resolution. Students will also explore their senses and how messages are interpreted in the brain, helping to understand disabilities such as visual and auditory impairments Students will learn about the peripheral nervous system and the complex communication system that takes place between the brain and the body to create movement and interpret pain.  Finally, students will examine the effects of drugs and alcohol on the developing brain and how addiction occurs.


7th Grade Health

Students will analyze the interdependence among the body systems, analyze factors that impact nutritional choices and understand the consequences of their choices, such as obesity and eating disorders. Students will explore the risk factors that impact growth and development between adolescence and adulthood, specifically alcohol and opioids. Additionally, students will analyze and apply a decision-making process to health and safety issues. 


8th Grade Health

Students will begin the semester by understanding how they learn and they will focus on their positive quality traits, as well as how to build up self-esteem of both themselves and others.  Over the course of the semester, the following units are discussed and studied; stress, bullying/suicide, drugs (vaping/juuling, opioids, prescription drugs, and alcohol), dating/relationships/communication, and finally STIs/reproductive systems/HIV/AIDS.  The major, underlying theme of the eighth-grade health program is smart social choices.  Students are asked to learn about, brainstorm, discuss, and analyze ways to make smart social choices in many different life contexts. 


This class meets 3x/cycle for one marking period each year.



6, 7, 8th Grade Physical Education

Physical Education provides students with a variety of opportunities to participate in activities that promote lifelong fitness practices and will stress physical, social, and intellectual development. The diverse capabilities and social needs of individual students are addressed in the physical education program. Students are given opportunities to develop leadership and social skills with work in small groups to solve problems or accomplish tasks. Through purposeful learning activities, students are guided to refine motor, social, and intellectual skills, which promote a fit and active lifestyle through adventure education, aquatics, cooperative, field, fitness and weight training, individual, invasion, group, multicultural, net, and recreational activities. This course will take place and utilize the weight room/fitness center, cardio/exergaming room, natatorium, gymnasium (equipped with a climbing wall, ropes and elements), auxiliary gym, quarter mile track, 1.2-mile biking/ hiking trail, and field facilities. Effective with the 2020-2021 school year, all classes will be co-education.


This class will meet every other day for the entire school year.



Mr. Paul Norris

Mr. William Carr

Mrs. Jess Robbins

Mrs. Lauren Perri

Mr. Brad Stetler