Contact Info:

Mrs. Marianne Dabrowski, Kindergarten


Twitter: @MrsDsKGarten

Phone: 610-627-6914

When your child physically comes into Glenwood, in addition to having a mask (or two), he/she will need:

a gallon-sized baggie filled with the following items labelled with your child's name:

a box* (of 12) SHARPENED Dixon Ticonderoga pencils

a box* of Crayola Twistables

a pair of children's scissors*

2 large Elmer's glue sticks*

1 blue & 1 green POLY (plastic) folders 

1 small individual bottle of sanitizer*

2 small packs of Kleenex tissues*

A water bottle (our water fountains are not able to be used, but we do have bottle fillers in the hallway)

A small, healthy snack that your child can open (himself/herself) and eat within 5-10 minutes

**** All items (box of pencils, box of Twistables, scissors, glue sticks {out of their packaging}, folders, sanitizer, Kleenex) should be clearly labeled with your child's FIRST (and last for our Noras (AM) and Norah (PM)) NAME.