Broadcast Club

Last Updated: 5/3/2022 1:55 PM
Broadcast Club


“Live from Media, PA, it’s News on the Lane!”


Watch Remote "News On The Lane"

Remote NOTL is recorded and will be available to view beginning at 8:45 a.m. each school day. 

In February 2007, Indian Lane Elementary School went to live TV with their morning announcements. The Broadcast Club was created by parent volunteer, Rosemary Angelina.   Currently facilitated by Mrs. Hatton and Mr. Fisher, the news staff is comprised of fifth graders who alternate the jobs of news reporters, special reporters, sound operators, security, camera operators, producers, and crew members.  Broadcasters have loads of fun, while learning important skills such as public speaking, interviewing, and teamwork.  Students throughout the school enjoy "News on the Lane" each morning and look forward to exciting reports and guest appearances by parents and teachers, as well as children from the younger grades. 
The broadcast meets several PA Academic standards. 
Students will learn the art of public speaking:
  • Use voice volume effectively
  • Learn the importance of articulation
  • Develop good pacing and understanding the importance it has on speech
  • Develop optimal eye contact
  • To talk to the audience as opposed to reading to them
  • Build confidence speaking in public
  • Learn about teamwork between other reporters and crew members
  • Develop good body language habits for sitting and standing situations
  • Learn skills that will be useful throughout life
  • Develop good speaking habits avoiding “ums” and  “uhs”
  • Be creative
  • Interview community members


Students gain experience working with technology:

  • Learn how to operate a sound board
  • Learn how to operate the camera 
  • Learn how to use a microphone 
  • Learn how to live stream video
  • Learn how to use a mixer to switch frames while streaming


Schoology Course Code: T2j4-P65Z-ZPDFW