Indian Lane INK

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The Indian Lane Ink Earns Highest Rating Possible ~ Again!


National Elementary Schools Press Association National Review and Rating

The Indian Lane Ink

Indian Lane Elementary School

Media, PA

June 2009 Review


There is nothing I don't like about the Indian Lane Ink. You actually make my job so easy because you do it all very well.

But, just so the staff knows.. .1 read every word of every issue. I look forward to it.

I love the variety of articles. There is truly something for everyone. I imagine the teachers, parents, and students learn a whole lot about the school and community after reading even just one issue.

Your paper is well organized with good section headings and page numbering. Very good writing, based on their ages, and very good editing. Very professional job throughout.

Areas for Improvement:

How can I complain about anything in this newspaper? There is nothing I don't like.

But since I need to say the future, if at all possible considering the ages of the students on the staff, it would be nice to see them take on a little of the layout and even photography.


Final Comments:

I am always so excited to get my copies throughout the year of The Indian Lane Ink.

The Indian Lane Ink continues to be more than just about the largest paper (in number of pages) I have ever seen, but it's so much more than that. It's also one of the best.

I love that you let students from all grades work on the newspaper. I know it's a sense of pride for those students, their teachers, and the entire school community and community-at-large.

You have once again earned our highest possible rating. I can't, at the moment, think of another newspaper that has received this rating twice.

Keep up the wonderful work.

National Rating:

Superior with Distinction


Mark Levin, NESPA Director/Evaluator

June 25,2009

Date of Review