The Rosemary Angelina Broadcast Center

Last Updated: 8/29/2019 1:09 AM


On June 14, 2011, News on the Lane Broadcast Center was officially dedicated to Mrs. Rosemary Angelina.  A plaque was hung in her honor.  It reads...

The Broadcast Center is dedicated to Mrs. Rosemary Angelina due to her unmatched energy, enthusiasm, and support of Indian Lane’s students.  Mrs. Angelina single-handedly created Indian Lane’s morning broadcast, “News on the Lane” in January, 2006.  She was at school virtually every morning since then to oversee the show.  Mrs. Angelina also edited the Indian Lane Ink from September, 2005 until June 2010.  During her tenure as Editor, the newspaper was consistently recognized as one of the most outstanding elementary school newspapers in the country by the National Elementary Schools Press Association.


Mrs. Rosemary Angelina has made a lasting impression on the Indian Lane community that will not be forgotten