Indian Lane INK History

Last Updated: 8/29/2019 2:12 AM


The Indian Lane INK was created in 2000 by an Indian Lane parent.  In 2005, Rosemary Angelina, an Indian Lane parent took on the role as editor-in-chief.  The look of the paper had some changes to make the paper more “newsworthy,” with fresh and exciting articles that are current and relevant for our target readers (mostly students, parents, and teachers).  Last year there were three issues printed.  We hope to meet that again this year.  On average, each issue contains at least 60 articles, is 50 pages in length, well formatted, and contains pictures and clip-art.  The articles range from interviews with teachers and staff members; to features on school happenings, community sports, and local events; and further to articles on current events, news on professional sports, book and movie reviews, and local restaurant reviews.  The students also provide surveys, trivia, puzzles, and games.  Students research their topic.  The INK meets several PA Academic Standards.   Students in grades Kindergarten through five contribute to the INK

The Ink received the grade of “Superior with Distinction” in 2008, 2009, and 2010 from NESPA, National Elementary Schools Press Association, a national organization that reviews student newspapers  (


In 2017 the INK has passed to another generation of writers and some newer editors!
Indian Lane parent, Catherine Campbell-Perna, is the new Editor-in-Chief.  Catherine and the editors will move forward with keeping it  "newsworthy", fun, fresh with new ideas, and helping students create  great issues.