Indian Lane INK: What is news?

Last Updated: 8/31/2019 4:00 PM


What is news?

News is something current that is important, interesting, and tells a great story. The INK wants to tell great stories to our school and community. News includes new projects; new school policies; student council news; local and national athletic events; local, national, or world events; unusual actions such as a kind act or an achievement that needs congratulations and recognition; social events; fundraisers that need school and community support; local groups' achievements such as scouts. These are examples of the types of news stories that we need for the INK.


How do I report news?

You will need to make some decisions. You know when you read a story; the first thing that gets your attention is the headline. Make your headline exciting, but relevant to your article. Next, you want a great first paragraph to get your readers' attention. Give the important facts first. Be sure to ask yourself if you answered all these questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why? Other information should be last. Always give your source of information, a name, or contact of anyone or anything that you needed for your article.


How do I get started with interviews?

Once you choose someone to interview, set up a time when you can meet with them. Always be prepared with questions you want to ask. Remember to be polite and thank them when you are finished interviewing.


Deadlines...Always make them.

A newspaper is based on deadlines. Get started early. If you finished your article early, always submit it as soon as you are finished so any changes or questions can be cleared up by the deadline.


Write clearly.

Be honest, fair (objective), accurate, and short to the point (brief). Only use a quote if it is direct and accurate.

"I" is only used when writing an opinion. Your news story is to describe an event or feature, not tell what you did. Report the facts. You can add something at the end of your story with your opinion if it is something important and interesting.

Here is an example of two articles:

1) Indian Lane Elementary School is part of the Rose Tree Media School District. Indian Lane received a "No Place for Hate" flag last May. The students have an anti-bullying pledge known as the Bobcat pledge.

2) I go to Indian Lane. I love it there. I sat next to my friends when we got the "No Place for Hate" Flag. It was fun to see the Bobcat there! We have a bobcat pledge. My teacher has the pledge in her classroom.

The first one tells the reader a lot of important information. The second one just tells the readers a little about Indian Lane. You want your articles to be like the first article.