Indian Lane Ink Guidebook

Last Updated: 4/5/2019 1:53 PM
  • Dear Indian Lane Ink Parents, Guardians, and Students:                



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    Welcome to The Indian Lane Ink!


    Later this month, you will receive the first issue’s topic choice sheet. You will be asked to select up to three topic choices with an option to write your own topic suggestions. After we receive the topic selection choices, we will assign topics and you will be notified of your topic and the deadline date. All articles are to be emailed to


    Please remember that this is a student newspaper. It is wonderful when parents tell us they enjoy the Ink because it is a bonding experience for the parent and child. In addition, parents tell us they love to research a topic and work on it with their child. We are happy that you will continue to do that again this year. Please know we value your time and help with your child’s article. We encourage you to be part of this learning experience with your child. The student, however, needs to write the article in his or her own words. This is the purpose for the newspaper. Students are also permitted to partner with another student to write their articles.


    The Ink editors strive to publish a well-balanced, fair newspaper. Please note that, as in the past, The Ink editors and members of the school staff will review any article that appears to have been written with extensive help from a parent/adult. If it appears there was too much help, we will notify you to give the student a chance to modify the article. Once the student modifies it in his or her own words, it will be eligible to be published in the current issue.


    We also want to stress the importance of originality. Please do not copy a published puzzle or cartoon. If you use any part of a published article or photograph, you must document the source (where you got it from).


    Interviews are very popular among our Ink writers. Please know that interviews need to be written in a story form not a Q & A style. If an interview is submitted to us in a Q & A style, we will return it for you to rewrite it in a story form. If it is returned to us by the deadline, it will be eligible to be published in the current issue. We look forward to your contributions and creativeness this year.



    The Ink Editor

    Catherine Campbell-Perna

    610-585-4213 (Cell)