Parent Involvement

Last Updated: 8/29/2019 1:55 AM


Reading Olympics is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.  Parent and teacher support is extremely helpful with this club.  The main purpose of Reading Olympics, of course, is to encourage a love of reading.  Therefore, we try to make our meetings and the competition as fun and exciting as possible.  There are a few ways that parents can help out:

  • Read a few of the books with your child.  Help with questions, discussions, and preparation at home.
  • Send in questions for books that you have read for our team members to use during practice.
  • Come in to help with the meetings. 
  • Ask your child about the books he/she is reading & about Reading Olympics.  Keep them motivated!
  • Let your child know how proud of them you are!  This is a big commitment & their hard work should be rewarded at home and school.  
  • Support the team by making every effort to allow your child to attend the meetings.
  • Review the books your child has read with him/her in the weeks leading up to the competition.
  • Attend the competition.  We promise you will have just as much fun as the kids!