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My name is David Sikorski and I am from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. I have always been a fan of all types of music from as early as I can remember. I began playing guitar in high school interested rock, soul, and jazz and began to compose my own music. In 2004 I attended The University of The Arts in Philadelphia for Jazz Performance with a minor in Music Education. While there I was fortunate enough to study with some excellent teachers and participate in some unique performance opportunities. In 2006 I took a semester off from school to tour nationally with an original music band. We had some success headlining venues nationwide in addition to some song placements in television and movies. In 2008 I enrolled and completed a Masters of Arts in Teaching also from The University of The Arts. I still play various gigs on guitar for everything from musicals to wedding bands and enjoy composing original music for all kinds of groups.

Since graduating I have been fortunate to experience many new and diverse teaching opportunities. I strive to be an effective educator that not only fulfills the state and national standards for music education, but does so with a modern application. Nonetheless, the fundamentals of music continue resonate within all of us regardless of age, performance ability, and/or experience and are educationally beneficial for children and parents alike.