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Mrs. Caitlyn Carminito

5th Grade


Phone: 610-627-7147

Throughout my childhood, becoming a teacher was always a dream of mine. I’m amazed to  think that I’ve now been teaching for 11 school years. I am beyond excited to be teaching fifth grade. Fifth grade is such a fun and exciting time when we build some amazing memories.

I am a proud graduate from West Chester University for both my Undergraduate and Graduate degrees.  In my personal time, I enjoy running and being outdoors in my garden, watching my kids on their bikes, or walking the trails. Having grown up in New Jersey, my heart still resides at the Jersey Shore so we visit there often. Our family loves to travel and takes advantage of any opportunity we may get to do so.  

My husband and I welcomed our son in July 2016 and our daughter then joined us in March 2018. Having kids has brought our family lots of joy and has taught us immeasurable life lessons. As a family, we can always be found baking, playing outdoors, or reading lots of books. As an educator, being a mom has brought about another invaluable perspective on teaching and the important role schools play in our children’s lives. 

Professionally, my teaching experiences have been focused in Special Education, beginning my career in Learning Support and then developing an Autism Support program for a district. Since being at Indian Lane, I’ve worked with grades 3-5 in our Learning Support program. I can’t wait to jump right into fifth grade as a classroom teacher! I truly do enjoy working with fifth graders and watching their growth throughout the school year. 

This year, my goal for each and every student is to use their talents and strengths to progress and prepare themselves for their futures. We value and embrace the diversity that each child brings to our classroom community. I am thrilled to be starting a new school year together and can’t wait to make it a great one!