Teachers NEED...

Last Updated: 4/4/2019 5:43 PM

If you're a teacher, you NEED these things:

These "NEEDS" are based on what I have found extremely useful in the classroom.










Google Drive PDF Reader/Editor QuickTime Player YouTube Channel

Access here.


SAVE all your files. SHARE all your files. Google Drive on your Mac and iPad will allow you to save your data in the cloud. Every RTM teacher and student has an active rtmsd.net account same login in Groupwise (example eoneill01@rtmsd.net) and same password. Get the software for your mac and the App for the iPad to tie your work together.


Demo, here.


PDF's are useful because everyone can read them: Mac, PC, iPhone, Android.  A pdf editor is great because you can save your annotations and information to share with colleagues and students.  Take notes on top of pictures during meetings. GoodNotes and MetaMoji on the iPad are great for this.


Demo, here.


Video capture your screen. Demonstrate how to do something online with audio.  One of the greatest tools I've found. A great tool to record how to do anything on the computer. Quickly save a video to your YouTube Channel...


Demo, here.


A YouTube channel is a surprisingly easy way to communicate with students. Post demos, tutorials, lessons, and outside videos directly on your own channel.  Make videos on iPad and post them directly to your channel. Create playlists of videos for your students to see and comment on. Give students access to post their own content - Show them the new means to communicate.