Story Time with Family & Friends

Last Updated: 4/4/2019 1:13 PM

Let's read about friends and families.

Click on the links below to listen and read along with fun stories.



Stories to Read about Families




Story #1 - It's time to fight a fire. Do you know the safety rules? Click to find out!


Story #2 - Sir Doodles wants to be safe. Help him learn safety rules as he travels about. Visit Virtual K to review fire safety rules!

Story #3  

  1. Listen to the story of The Three Bears' Treasure Hunt  Try to read along! 
  2. Read another story about the Three Bears.

      VK JournalVirtual K Students: As you listen to the online story, think about your own special family.  Have you ever gone on an adventure with your family?  Draw a picture in your VK journal that describes this special family time.

Story #4 - When will Daddy get home from work?  Click to wait with sister and brother and try to identify Daddy's car.



      -  After listening to the story, click to play Count the Wheels.  

Story #5 - Spending time with your grandparents is always fun.  Click to learn how this little girl helped to save her grandmother.


Story #6 - Time to garden with your family!  Click to listen to a story about a small family who needed some big help with their garden.

Story #7- Click to read a story about Handsome Harry the Green Monster and his friends and family who live nearby!