Principal's and Superintendent's Advisory Boards

Last Updated: 9/13/2021 3:08 AM

The Principal's Advisory Board (PAB) is a group of grade-level parent representatives who meet with the principal to discuss a variety of issues raised by the parents and guardians. Parents may contact the PAB representative for their child’s grade so as to share celebrations, challenges, or simply to make a suggestion.

Questions can be directed to Mrs. Stacey Cullen (

Grade level representatives can be contacted at the following email addresses:


  1st Grade:

  2nd Grade:

  3rd Grade:

  4th Grade:

  5th Grade:

The Superintendent's Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of K - 12 parents and guardians who meet periodically with the Superintendent. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss district-wide issues. Mrs. Stacey Cullen and Mrs. Raeshon Falkowski represent the Rose Tree Elementary community at these meetings.