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Technology Department

In the Rose Tree Media School District technology is used to create contemporary learning experiences that equip our students with 21st Century skills including creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving. Parallel to students, teachers engage in professional learning opportunities that focus on how technology can be used intentionally to facilitate the above skills in our students and on how technology can be used to create rich learning experiences not possible without it. 

In our fast paced world, technology is becoming more mobile and is rapidly changing. Currently, our instructional technology devices include interactive whiteboards, elementary classroom iPads, iPads and laptop computer carts, projectors, STEM kits, and Chromebooks for every secondary student. Each school's wealth of technology resources helps transport students beyond the experiences that have been possible in a traditional classroom.

All computers within the district are networked and have a high-speed connection to the Internet. This access, combined with interactive technologies, a Learning Management System, and teacher web pages, make the use of digital content an integral part of providing a contemporary education for our students. Educators and students have the opportunity to view educational videos over the Internet via video-on-demand services from the Delaware County Intermediate Unit through Discovery Education. Students and teachers throughout the school system make use of a number of library databases to conduct research.
To support the district's technology initiatives, Instructional Innovation coaches work with teachers in all school buildings in developing contemporary teaching and learning strategies with technology integration. Teachers participate in on-going professional development to experiment, initiate, and create new models of teaching and learning. 

To learn more about the District's contemporary learning initiatives, please see our Comprehensive Plan.
Please check out our individual school web pages as well as individual teacher web pages.  

Our high school is equipped with:                                                                                       

  • MacBook for every teacher
  • A Chromebook for every student
  • Tech Ed PC based computer labs
  • TV Studio
  • 3 Macbook computer carts
  • Video production cart of 17 MacBooks
  • 8 PC desktop computers in the library
  • Projector in every classroom
  • 26 interactive classroom Smart Boards

Our middle school is equipped with:                                                                                    

  • MacBook for every teacher
  • A Chromebook for every student
  • 1 iMac Tech Center lab
  • 1 iMac Library lab
  • 3 carts of MacBook Airs 
  • 25 iMac computers in library
  • Interactive projectors in every classroom 

Each of our elementary schools is equipped with:                                                              

  • MacBook and iPad for every teacher
  • 6 iPads in every K-2 classroom.
  • 12-13 Chromebooks in every 4-5 classroom.
  • 2 carts of 25 MacBook Air laptops for classroom use
  • 2 mobile iPad cart for classroom use
  • 8 library computers
  • Interactive Smart Boards in all classrooms
  • Classroom projectors