School Board

Rose Tree Media Board of School Directors are always willing and eager to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas.  If you would like to reach the Board Members you may email the School Board President at or email individual members by navigating to Current Board Members and Terms. If you would like to reach the Superintendent, please call Eleanor DiMarino-Linnen at 610-627-6001 or send an e-mail to

School Board Legislative and Committee Meeting Dates are Subject to Change

Until further notice, meetings are virtual and held at the designated building. To view the meeting please go to the District youtube channel.

Work Session     

           6:30 p.m. at Springton Lake

June 9, 2022

Legislative Meeting

         7:00 p.m. at Penncrest High School   

May 26, 2022

June 16, 2022


A Note about Board Meetings

Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act requires meetings of the RTM Board of School Directors to be accessible to everyone who wishes to attend so that all business is conducted in public. COVID-related gathering restrictions for indoor facilities that limit the ability for public attendance creates challenges with regard to the Sunshine Act.  

A Board of Education meeting is a meeting in public rather than a public meeting. Consequently, all discussions and debates regarding agenda items are restricted to the members of the board and the superintendent. 

Opportunity for public comment is available during the scheduled and unscheduled presentations portion of the board meeting agenda. In-person board meetings allow commenters to read their comments or questions during the "unscheduled presentation" portion of the meeting. When board meetings are held virtually, comments/questions from the public can be submitted through an online form and are read aloud by the board president during the "unscheduled presentation" portion of the board meeting. The opportunity for public comment remains the same, regardless of whether a board meeting is held virtually or in person.  Virtual meetings will be conducted in accordance with Board Policy No. 006.1 adopted by the Board on April 23,2020.



Annual Reorganization Meeting - December

Adopt a Proposed Final Budget - April

Adopt Final Budget - May