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RTM District History

Last Updated: 7/21/2021 11:30 AM

Rose Tree Media: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

On May 16, 1964, the Delaware County Board of School Directors released a plan for school district reorganization in the County that called for the union of the Media Borough and Rose Tree Union School Districts into a single district by July 1, 1966. The combined district, which came into operation on that date, included the Sandy Bank, Glenwood, Lima, Roosevelt, Rose Tree, and Edgmont Elementary Schools, Indian Lane Junior High School the combined Media Elementary/Junior High School, and Penncrest High School.

In 1972, a new junior high school, known as Springton Lake Junior High School, was completed. That same year the school board adopted an educational design calling for six K-4 grade schools; Glenwood, Hanna Carr (formerly Edgmont Elementary School), Lima, Media, Roosevelt, and Rose Tree; and two 5-6 Centers; Glenwood and the former Media Junior High School. The Sandy Bank Elementary School, the oldest school building in the district, was closed that spring to be renovated as the administrative headquarters for the school district.

In 1978, due to declining enrollments, the school board voted to close Lima Elementary School and sell it, close Indian Lane Junior High School and rent it, and consolidate parts of the Media building for rental purposes.

In September 1981, the district was reorganized again into a pattern of five K-5 schools: Rose Tree, Roosevelt, Glenwood, Hanna Carr and Media; Springton Lake Middle School (grades six to eight); and Penncrest High School. Continued declining enrollments in the early 1980s led to the closing and sale of the Roosevelt School and the closing of the Hanna Carr School which was rented and later sold by the board in 1995 to Edgmont Township.

As enrollments in the district’s elementary schools began to surge again in the late 1980s, the board initiated an exhaustive review of the district’s facilities, enrollment trends, and the current and future needs for the district’s education program. With enrollments continuing to rise, the board voted in November 1990 to renovate Indian Lane Junior High School as a fourth elementary school. This began the first phase of a comprehensive Capital Improvements Master Plan designed to equip all the district’s buildings to met the educational needs of the community’s children well into the next century.

Following a total renovation of the building, Indian Lane opened as the district’s fourth elementary school in September 1992. This was followed by the total renovation of the Media Elementary and Rose Tree Elementary Schools, major renovations and additions at Glenwood Elementary School and Penncrest High School, total renovation at Springton Lake Middle School; energy conservation, safety and security, and building code upgrades throughout the district; and the installation of wiring to facilitate voice, video and data communication within the district and between district buildings and outside networks.

During the course of their history, the public schools of our community have educated approximately 30,000 students. Nearly 150 years from its beginnings in a small schoolhouse on Lemon Street, the educational program of the school district continues to grow and change to meet its community’s changing needs and is now poised to carry its longstanding tradition of educational excellence well into the next millennium, helping today’s students prepare for the challenges they will face as tomorrow’s alumni.