What happens at a Board Meeting

Last Updated: 12/15/2021 3:18 PM

Work Sessions:

Work Sessions are planning and discussion sessions  are planning/work sessions at which the board receives reports and information from the Superintendent and Cabinet Directors regarding the management of the School District. They are typically (check the Board of Education Meeting Dates) held the 2nd Thursday of the month. Agenda items are submitted by Cabinet Members in the area of Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Student Services and Technology, to the respective Chair of the Committee. Agenda items are also posted on the District website the day before the Committee meetings. Typically, Cabinet members present the items on their agenda that are informational or that need Board consideration to be placed on the Legislative Meeting Agenda for approval/disapproval. 

During Work Session meetings, Board Members have the opportunity to study and discuss specific topics in depth.  Work Sessions are open to the public and the Board may solicit comments on agenda items from observers. Work Sessions are held at the library at Springton Lake Middle School, 1900 N. Providence Rd in Media and begin at 6:30 PM. 

Legislative Meetings: 

Legislative Meetings are typically (check the Board of Education Meeting Dates) held the fourth Thursday of the month at Penncrest High School and begin at 7:00 PM. Seated with the Board at the conference table is the Superintendent of Schools, the District Solicitor, and the Board Secretary, who records the votes of the meeting and Student Liaisons. 

Copies of the agenda are posted on the District's website under "Agenda and Minutes."  Agendas are supporting documents are given to Board members in advance of the meeting date to allow the Board to study and review the information. 

During the meeting, it may appear as if some items are being voted upon with little or no discussion This, however, is usually not the case as some items may have appeared on previous agenda or may have been discussed at length at a Committee Meeting or Executive Session. 

Executive Session:

The Board may hold an Executive Session before, during, or at the conclusion of a public meeting. Executive Sessions are not open meetings. The presiding officer shall announce the reason for holding the Executive Session and the announcement may be made at the public meeting, prior to, or after the executive session. The Board may discuss the following matters in executive session: 

  • Employment, personnel issues
  • Labor relations
  • Purchase or lease of real estate
  • Consultation with an attorney or other professional adviser regarding potential litigation or identifiable complaints that may lead to litigation.
  • Matters that must be conducted in private to protect a lawful privilege or confidentiality

All Executive Sessions are closed to the public, but the Board is not permitted to vote on the passage of any resolution while it sits in Executive Session. Official actions based on discussions held in Executive Session will be taken at a public meeting.