Public Participation at Board Meetings

Last Updated: 3/9/2022 7:47 PM

Soliciting/Receiving Feedback

Public comment at monthly School Board and  Work Sessions allows for direct public commentary regarding agenda items and issues of concern. Public comment during Work Sessions is limited to items that are on the agenda for that Work Session. The Board welcomes public comment during its regular Legislative meetings with regard to items on the agenda or general resident concerns. The Public Comment period is designated on the agenda as "unscheduled presentations". 

A Board of Education Legislative meeting is a meeting in public rather than a public meeting. Consequently, all discussions and debates regarding agenda items are restricted to the members of the Board and the Superintendent.  Opportunity for public comment is available during the scheduled and unscheduled presentations portion of the agenda. 

The public wishing to speak to the Board of Education at the Legislative Meeting will be allowed this period of time to do so under the following guidelines: 

  • Unscheduled speakers will be limited to a maximum of three minutes and scheduled speakers, arranged in advance with the Board Secretary, will be limited to a maximum of five minutes.  A request for a scheduled presentation can be sent to Vanessa Scott, Board of School Directors Secretary, at at least 24 hours before the Legislative meeting.
  • Speakers are requested to stand, state their name, their township/borough of residence and topic of discussion. All individuals wishing to participate in a public Board meeting shall sign in at the beginning of the meeting and shall include the name and address of the participant and topic to be addressed. A sign-in sheet will be made available at the entrance to the auditorium prior to the start of the meeting to expedite this segment of the meeting.  
  • Speakers will not be allowed to personally attack any board member, administrator, employee, community member or any of the public present. Also, no comments by the speakers will be permitted that deal with Executive Session subjects, e.g., individual personnel matters or discipline issues pertaining to specific individuals including students. 
  • Although the Board may respond to a question during public comment, there is no discussion between the public and the Board during the meeting. The Board may refer a question to an administrator who can answer appropriately. If a question cannot be answered during the board meeting, it will be researched and followed up by an administrator. No participant may address or question individual Board members. 

In addition, there are other ways to make your opinions known to Board members and District personnel. The School Board welcomes your communication by mail or email on any issues of concern. 

Handling Your Questions:

  • Email the Superintendent in advance of or after monthly School Board meetings
  • Email in advance of or after School Board Work Session meetings to the appropriate committee chair
  • Email general board-related questions to the Board Secretary
  • Special phone or personal conferences on Board issues can be arranged by appointment
  • Phone calls can also be directed to the Superintendent or Board Secretary
  • Email addresses and phone numbers can be found on the District website

Correspondence may be addressed to the Rose Tree Media School District, Board of Education, 308 N. Olive St., Media, PA 19063