Student Daily Screening and Health Resources

Last Updated: 10/24/2020 1:33 PM

Student Daily Symptom Screening

Parents must complete a Daily Symptom Screening Checklist for each child. The Daily Symptom Screening Checklist will be submitted by the parent/guardian through a form which will be sent each day to all parents by email. We recommend setting up a daily alarm as a reminder to complete the screening form. This form must be completed each morning for each student prior to getting onto the bus or arriving at school.

PLEASE NOTE THIS SCREENING IS SPECIFIC TO COVID SYMPTOMS, YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR STUDENT HOME FOR SYMPTOMS OF OTHER ILLNESSES AS YOU WOULD HAVE PRIOR TO COVID.  A link to other symptoms that would require your student to remain home can be found on the RTMSD website under “When to keep your child at home”

If a student comes to school and the screening form has not been completed and submitted, the student will be removed from the classroom and the parent/guardian will be contacted to submit the screening results or pick up the student.  The student will not return to the classroom until the screening is completed by the parent/guardian.  It is vitally important that only well students are coming to school.

When should I keep my child home from school?

It is critical that all families partner with the school district to help ensure that our students and staff remain safe by monitoring potential symptoms of COVID-19 in their children and keeping children home who are sick.

Based on the Chester County Health Department current exclusion criteria,

please keep your child home from school and contact your primary care provider if your child has ONE or more of the following: new cough, lack of smell or taste (without congestion), shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, OR TWO or more of the following: fever (oral > than 100 temporal >99.5), sore throat, chills, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea.

If your child has these symptoms or is not feeling well, please keep them home and contact your primary care provider. If a student comes to the nurse’s office and meets the above criteria, they will be sent home and will require clearance to return to school as per the Chester County Health Department recommendations.  Please have a plan on how to pick your child up from the school immediately if you receive a call from the school nurse. 

A link to other symptoms that would require your student to remain home can be found on the RTMSD website under “When to keep your child at home”

What happens when my child becomes sick at school?

If your child is experiencing symptoms that are associated with COVID-19 they will wait to be picked up in the quarantine area, will be required to wear a mask, and will be escorted from the building to your vehicle with instructions from the Chester County Health Department regarding when your child may return to school.


Chester County Health Department “Sent Home Sick” guidance

Chester County Health Department “Close Contact” guidance 

Guidance for COVID-19 Test


Procedure for COVID-19 confirmed, presumed positive or COVID-19 exposure

The Chester County Health Department will be contacted and guide the response for all exposures to COVID-19 and confirmed or presumed positive cases in the school community.  The Chester County Health Department will inform the school of who needs to be notified while protecting the identity of the individual. The school will follow guidelines and recommendations from the Chester County Health Department regarding who needs to be isolated/quarantined. All recommendations will be communicated to those affected. Please note, contact tracing is completed by Chester County Health Department. 


Masks/face coverings/gloves:

Students should wear a mask/face covering to school every day. Please note, no neck gaiters or bandanas are permitted and masks with valves are not considered COVID-19 safe. 

Students should use hand sanitizer or wash hands before putting on a mask and after removing the mask. 

Masks should be worn at all times including when seated at desks. Masks should cover the nose, mouth and fit under the chin. Practice building mask stamina in your child over the next several days by having your child wear a mask while at home.

Masks may be removed for dedicated times of eating and/or drinking.  Students must maintain 6 foot distance from others when the mask is removed.

Students will be allowed short mask breaks during the school day.  This will only occur while they are seated.

Please do not send your student to school with gloves.  Regular hand washing/hand sanitizing is the best way to protect from germs. Gloves can potentially increase the spread of germs if the wearer touches a variety of surfaces without changing them.