Citing Sources

Why do we cite sources?

When should you cite your source?

What is plagiarism? 

Note to Parents about Citing Sources 

M.L.A. Style Sheet

 Bibliography Cards:  

The library staff has created bibliography cards for the most commonly used types of resources.  Each card provides both an example and a template that prompts you to fill in the information necessary to cite your source correctly.  Choose from those bibliographies cards listed below.  Color-coded cards are also available at the circulation desk of every Rose TreeMedia School Library. 


 Bibliography Formatting Tips

1.  Alphabetize all entries by the author’s last name.

2.  If no author is given, start the citation with the title.

3.  Either italics or underlining may be used to indicate primary titles of works cited.

4.  Abbreviate the names of all months but May, June and July.


5.  Begin the first line of the citation at the margin and indent the second line and all other lines five spaces.