GMail on Mobile Devices

There are 3 options for accessing GMail on mobile devices. Please choose the option which best suits your needs. 

Option 1: Browser Based Email/Calendar/Contacts
Open a browser on your mobile device (Safari or Chrome)
Go to
Enter your username
Enter your password


Before implementing either of these two options, you must remove your O365 account from your phone. To remove your O365 account:

Delete the Outlook App (if you were using the App)

OR, if you were using the built in iOS apps to access your O365 mail:

Go into settings - Accounts & Passwords - Select your O365 account (may also be called Exchange) - Delete Account.

Option 2: Use the built in Mail/Contacts/Calendar apps on your device
Settings - Accounts & Passwords - Add Account
Enter full email address (i.e.
Enter your password
Choose What to sync to your phone Mail, Contacts, Calendars and/or Notes

Option 3: Install GMail specific apps
Go to the App Store
Search for GMail
Install "Gmail - Email from Google" app
Launch the app after the installation is complete
Sign in at the bottom of the welcome screen
This app only handles email, if you choose this option, you will also need to download and install "Google Calendar: Time Planner" to access your calendar from your mobile device.