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Clearances - HR

HR Last Updated: 5/29/2019 3:42 PM

How to obtain new clearances:



Website:  http://epatch.state.pa.us 


VOLUNTEERS: Click on the yellow button that says "New Record Check" (volunteers only). The cost for volunteers is waived.

Follow instructions for filling out the application.

EMPLOYEES: On gray toolbar, click "record check," choose "new record".

Follow instructions for filling out the application and making payment.  The current cost is $22.00.  

After completing the application information and payment, a box will show that contains:

Control #, Name.............

Click on Control #

Click on Certification Form

Print Form - this is your background clearance


 PDE FBI CLEARANCE - IDEMIA - 1-844-321-2101


  1.   Register online or by phone.

  2.   Online: https://uenroll.identogo.com/

  3.   For employment: enter service code 1KG6XN For Volunteers: enter service code 1KG6Y3

  4.   Click on "Schedule or Manage an appointment"

         a.   For employment the screen should read "1KG6XN Pennsylvania PDE-School Districts" *See Number 9.

         b.   For volunteers the screen should read "1KG6Y3 Pennsylvania PDE Volunteer" *See Number 9.

   5.   Fill in the information on the page and click next. Follow through completing all of the pages.

   6.   On the last page, you will schedule your fingerprint appointment.

   7.   Payment in the amount of $23.85 will be made at the fingerprint site by credit card, money order or check.

   8.   Be sure to bring your ID with you to the fingerprint site.

   9. The FBI Clearance must be completed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We will not  accept any FBI Clearances that are done through other departments.





The application for the Child Abuse Clearance must be completed online at the following link:




 You will need to create a log-in before applying. The cost of the clearance is $8.00.  For volunteers the cost will be waived.  After you apply for the child abuse clearance, you will receive an email confirming your application. You will be able to print out your child abuse clearance when it is ready, you do not need to wait for it to come in the mail.