Reading Tips

Selecting a Book at Your Reading Level
A rule of thumb:

  1. Choose a book.
  2. Open to any page and read it.
  3. Hold up one finger for each word you don't know.
  4. If you hold up 4 fingers and a "thumb" by the end of the page, the book is too hard for you. 
  5. Put it back and try another book.
  6. If you do not reach your "thumb", the book should be just about right for you to read.
  7. Enjoy it!


Ten Ways to Pick a Great Book…

  1. Its book jacket is spectacular.
  2. The title is catchy.
  3. A friend, or someone whose reading taste you trust, recommended it.
  4. You love the other books by that author or in that series.
  5. You are a fan of books on that subject, theme, or genre.
  6. The book flap or blurb sounds intriguing
  7. The chapter titles seem interesting.
  8. The first sentence or paragraph grabs your attention.
  9. It was made into a movie.
  10. It's on display in the library!

Adapted from:
Freeman, Judy. "Booktalking: ten ways to pick a great book." Knowledge Quest March / April 2002 : 48-52.