Homework- What to expect


Homework is important to a child's school success.  It is a time to review and practice important skills learned in class.  Homework encourages responsibility and independence. Our homework in third grade will consist of paper pencil assignments, on-line work, and reading. The skills we work on for homework are reinforcing things done in the classroom.

Third graders should spend about 30 minutes (plus reading time- see below) each evening on homework. This homework will include some technology pieces and a math follow up from the day's lesson. If your child is consistently spending more time than this on assignments, please let me know. If your child is ever too tired or unable to continue, please do not force it; he/she can finish the following day. While our goal is to instill responsibility and reinforce things learned at school, we all have days when we're not at our best! As a mom, I know that homework can sometimes become an area of tension. If you notice this... let me know and I will work with you and your child to support you BOTH with managing that time of your child's day.

Homework usually will be assigned Monday through Thursday. I also will expect the children to spend time reading each night.  We will be reading books at your child's "just right level".  I'm sure you are familiar with this from both first and second grade.  The expectation is 30 minutes of reading nightly.

If at any time you have questions concerning homework, please feel free to contact me!