Distance Learning

Group Material- Week of 4/13

First Grade

Click on this picture of Superflex and read about his powers and abilities.  Teach a parent about what you know about Superflex.  Next week, we will meet and review what it means to be a flexible thinker.

Third Grade

You know that we have talked a LOT about the Unthinkables and their negative powers over our thinking, but did you know that there are also Thinkables that help us think in positive ways?  Look at this chart of some of the most common Unthinkables and then learn about the Thinkables that help us turn around the way we think.  Pay attention to which ones seem to be opposites!  When we meet next week, we will talk more about these Thinkables.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Feelings come in all sizes!  Specifically, we've talked about how stressors (the thing that causes our stress) can cause stress to be anywhere from small to enormous.  Take a look at this stress thermometer to get you to start thinking about your own stress.  Next week, we will use this visual to talk about some stressors we are all facing right now and how to best help ourselves.