Week of 4/27

Group Material- Week of 4/27

First Grade

Last week, we talked about being flexible thinkers.  Here are some examples of how we can think like Superflex and not Rock Brain.  Be ready to look at these next week and see if you are being a flexible thinker at home!

Third Grade

Last week, we looked at a list of Thinkables that give our brains good strategies to handle problems.  Next week we are going to focus on Kool Q. Cumber and how he can help us when we are stressed or angry.  Take a look at this Angry Birds clip and start thinking about how Kool Q. Cumber helped the birds stay calm.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Everyone did a great job last week talking about stressors and different levels of stress.  If you have time, take a look at this video that is going to lead our group discussion next week.  The topic will be how to handle stress build up.