At Home Practice

At Home Practice



In Kindergarten, we will not send homework home every night. Your child is expected to read, practice their letter sounds, and review our sight words for 15 minutes each night.

We will spend a lot of time learning all of our letters and the sounds that they make. One way that we do that is by practicing our ABC flip book each and every day.  Please click on the link below to watch how you can use this ABC flip book at home.

Here are some fun ways to practice our popcorn words at home:

  • Make flashcards
  • Make an extra set of cards and play memory
  • Go on a popcorn word scavenger hunt by hiding flashcards around the house
  • Create a popcorn word puzzle on
  • Build popcorn words with magnetic letters or playdough
  • Write popcorn words in shaving cream, sand, salt
  • Play tic-tac-toe using popcorn words instead of "x" and "o"
  • Write popcorn words on handprints and have children high-fve the handprints and say the words before entering a common room in your home (front door, kitchen, living room)
  • Make popcorn words the "password" to get on tablets, laptops, or before watching TV.