ABC's of Kindergarten

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ABC's of Kindergarten


Absence: If your child is going to be absent from school, please report the absence by calling the school office at (610) 627-7100.  Please be sure to send in a written note on the blue form to the office within 3 school days.


Birthdays: As per school guidelines, birthdays will be recognized, but sweet treats sent in from home are not permitted.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his or her special day in June. 

Bus: The buses usually adhere closely to their schedules. However, please keep in mind that routes take longer the first few days of school while the bus drivers become familiar with the children and the stops. If there is a substitute driver, delayed opening, early dismissal or other unusual event, the schedule could be longer OR shorter than normal.  Please keep this in mind when waiting for your child. Call main office (610)627-7100 if there is a concern. 


Change of Dismissal Plans:  If there is any change in your child’s dismissal plan, you must send in a note on the green form or call the school office(610-627-7100).  The office will notify me of the change.  Please do not email changes to your child's dismissal routine during the school day. I will not get this information in a timely manner. This is extremely important, as I cannot send students home in a different manner without proper notification.  If you are picking your child up early, you must sign your child out in the office and they will notify me to send your child there.


Drinks: The children are permitted to get water from our fountain as the need arises. It is also acceptable to bring in small water bottles to sip from throughout the day.


Email:  You may email me at:


Folders:   A“take home” folder will be sent home each day. Please check the folder daily for any notes, papers or homework. In addition, you will use this folder to send all papers and notes back to school.


Guidance Counselor:  Our school counselor is available to talk with you regarding any concerns you may have. Family changes have a profound effect on children and our counselor is a wonderful resource for us all!


Holidays:  It is my intention for the children to participate in learning about holidays in a manner which is enjoyable to them.  If you have any special needs or concerns, please let me know before holiday time.


Invitations:  If your child is having a party and everyone in the class is invited (or all of the boys, or all of the girls), invitations may be passed out in school.  If this is not the case, please do not send invitations to school. Addresses may be found in the school directory.  This is to prevent any hurt feelings.

iPads: Our class will be using iPads for learning throughout the year.


Just Right Books:  Mid year, children will bring home books to read that are at his or her “just right” level.


Keep: Keep working on teaching your child the following life skills: last name, phone number, address, birthday, zipping, snapping, buttoning and tying shoes.


Labels: Label everything! This includes coats and sweaters that will not be worn the entire day. 

Late Arrivals: If your child arrives late for any reason, you must walk him or her into the office and notify the secretary.

Library: Please help your child remember to return library books when finished reading them. Books are due by the next library day.


Modified Kindergarten Schedule: If there is a delayed opening kindergarten will more than likely have a modified schedule. AM kindergarten will begin at 11:00 and end at 12:50. PM kindergarten will begin at 1:35 and end at 3:30.

Money: When sending in money for any event, please be sure to do so in a labeled and sealed envelope. Please also include any forms pertaining to the event.


Notes:  Please send notes to school in your child’s Take-Home Folder.  If applicable, please use the green packet of notes that was sent home in the first day packet.


Obeying Classroom Rules:  Obeying classroom and school rules is very important. I will contact you if we need to work together on specific issues.


Parties:  Our class will have a Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and End-of-the-Year party during our regular class time. 

Phone: Register your phone number and create a “contact me” account with School Messenger.  Look at the Parent Portal page (bottom right of picture area) on the RTM website and follow directions on how to sign up. You will receive a call whenever school is closed.  You also will receive calls about certain school and class activities. 

Please make sure you notify me if your phone number changes or if there is a problem with your phone service.

Progress Reports:  Progress reports are issued three times a year. We will have parent conferences in November and February or March. 


Questions:  Questions are always welcome.  I understand the need to feel a part of your child’s day. If you ever need to discuss an issue, please contact me via phone or email.


Recess:  We will go outside for recess most days, weather permitting. Please dress your child in sturdy shoes so they are ready for active playground fun. For your child’s safety, flip-flops and open back shoes are not allowed.


Sign in Procedure:  All visitors MUST sign in at the security station immediately upon entering the building.  You may not walk to our room unless you have signed in and have received a visitor’s badge. This is our way of keeping track of who is in the building and most importantly, a way of keeping your children safe!

Snow Days:  Please make sure your alternate plans are made now.  If there is an early dismissal or a late opening you will be notified via phone call or text message if you have signed up for these through School Messenger (see "phone" above).  

In addition, the district will place these notices on the Rose Tree Media School District’s web site:


Tardiness: Children will be marked tardy if they arrive after 9:00(AM) or 12:50(PM). Please walk your child to the office if you arrive after that time.

Transportation: Please contact transportation 610-627-6475 with any permanent change to your child's bus schedule.


Understanding:  Understanding your child’s needs is important.  Please contact me if you feel a situation should be discussed. I will do the same.


Voice Mail: My voice mail number is (610) 627-7128. 

Volunteers: There are many classroom activities throughout the year that need helping hands.  For the safety of our children, all volunteers must receive clearances prior to working in the classroom. Please see the Media School homepage for more information.


Website:  You are encouraged to register on the district’s home page and then use its website to access and receive information.  This includes the school year calendar. The district’s website address is:


X...amine (This is "kid-writing" in action!):Examine your child’s folder daily and return it to school the following day.

Yearbook: You will receive a notice sometime after the winter break asking if you would like to purchase a school yearbook.  They must be ordered at that time and will be delivered at the end of the school year.

 Your Support:  Your support is imperative and appreciated! Let's work together to make this year rewarding and memorable for your child. 


ZZZZZ: Please make sure your child gets enough ZZZZZs (sleep). You will be surprised at how much energy is required for optimal learning in kindergarten to occur!