AMP (Accelerated Math Program)


Welcome to the resource page for Glenwood's Accelerated Math Program!


This year features the math program, Big Ideas Math. We have had a great deal of success using it. 


 Big Ideas Text


This page is a good starting point for the parents.

We will go over each concept for two days; an Activity Day and a Lesson Day. On the Activity Day we review necessary skills for the lesson. For most students, this will serve as a review. For some, it may be the first time the are seeing things. Either way, it's helpful for the Lesson Day. On the Lesson Day, we will sometimes look for more efficient ways to solve problems or even challenge ourselves by pushing concepts to breaking points. Our tentative game-plan for each day looks like this:


Day One - Activity

Warm-up questions (group)

Guiding question (objective)

Introduction to lesson using Student Record and Practice Book (I do, we do)

Partner work in RPJ

Big Ideas Math webpage assignment (homework*)

Khan if time

*please let me know if you and your child want to be challenged


Day Two - Lesson

5th Grade Standard Review

Activity or Homework review

Classwork (Go Formative website)

Record & Practice Journal practice page (homework)

Practice page in Student Record and Practice Book for homework

Khan if time

Big Ideas Math Online 

Each student has an online profile that will give them access to many of the resources included in the program. If a login or password has been lost or misplaced, please see me. The username typically is the first letter of the first name, the entire last name, and a three digit number (very possibly 001). The password it the first two letters of the first name (with the first letter capitalized), the first two letters of the last name (with the letter capitalized, followed by '@2021').

As an example, my login, as Charles Keeler, might be*:

- username: ckeeler001

- password: ChKe@2021

*but it's not

Amongst the resources online is an online version of the text book that we will be using for the class. It is heavy and bulky, so I do not plan on assigning any work that necessitates bringing it home, but it is available on the Big Ideas Math website for review, missed work, or in the event of excused absences. You can also download a PDF version of the textbook on the site as well, and searching "Big Ideas" in 'app' stores will give you another avenue to use and download the text. The online versions of the text offer interactivity (ie it will pronounce words, link you to answers, or extra problems, etc.).

Big Ideas Math Videos has many videos that show you how to solve the different skills and is organized just like the curriculum. Once arriving at the link, you will need to select 'Common Core Middle School 2017' and then select the 'Big Ideas Green Book'. You will then be able to select videos using the lesson designation (ie 1.2 etc). Links are just images of what to look for.

Here are the best resources that I have found on the page:


student text  

Clicking on the 'Student Dynamic eBook' will take you to a dynamic version of the text book featuring linked appendices and glossaries and the option to have words read to you.


basic skill

Clicking on 'Basic Skills Handbook' features tutorials for skills that you child should have previously learned (organized by discipline and skill).


skills review

Clicking on the 'Skills Review Handbook' will review things that have been taught this year (organized by discipline and skills).



Clicking on 'Apps' will take you to some smart phone videos and options.


One thing that disappoints me, is the lack of inclusion of a PDF of certain useful pages like the Student Record and Practice Book or extra work. As such, you can find the organized by chapter as sub pages to this, my AMP page.


There should be no reason to come back to school because a student (or teacher) has forgotten a book.

Khan... Khan... Khan... 


I know teachers who hate Khan as much as Captain Kirk hated Khan Noonian Singh. Like Star Trek's Khan in the Mutari nebula, the Khan Academy Website can be tricky to navigate. It's mainly a function of Khan Academy's dynamic nature - which I consider a strength. Currently, I am assigning Khan activities that align to each concept we are learning in class. But... well. It's getting the better of me. Let me see how things are going and get back to you when conferences roll around.


Students will be assessed all throughout each chapter and met with as confusion arises. There are formative assessments every other day, quizzes every 2-5 concepts, and a test at the end of every chapter. Test scores are not set in stone; children can and should retake tests as often as they need.

You are a vital tool in helping me get the most out of your kids in two ways. For starters, email me when you know that there is some confusion. I can meet during C/E time for targeted instruction, and can even do before and after school as needed*.

Additionally, I will be sending home a student specific email with your child's score on each test and classwork update. If you see a "needs review" or "needs reteaching" by a concepts, anything** you can do is helpful. I have included resources for you for each chapter as sub pages. 

*I cannot be a consistent personal tutor; it's too demanding

**avoid teaching them any short cuts that we learned 

Feel free to help your children in any way necessary, please challenge incorrect answers (as opposed to correcting them), encourage them to seek me for help, promote daily math thinking, and remember Khan.