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Word Study Overview

Every other week, students will received a word list that allows them the opportunity to practice their word study and spelling skills.  Students will be working in school on sorts, games, and other practice activities to help them not just learn the words on their list, but to practice the spelling patterns and rules in the word sort.  


An in-school typical schedule might look like this: 


Day 1 Monday: Introduction of the words - students will begin a word search that includes words from their weekly word list.  Teacher will meet with small groups to go over the rules/patterns/skill for the week.  Students should begin to think about what the categories of words are for the week's word sort. 


Day 2 Tuesday: Cut and sort your words.  In your Word Study Notebook, title your page with your word study sort number, then write down the categories and words into the correct categories.  


Day 3 Wednesday: An activity from Mrs. A. It could be sentence practice, a type of sort, or a word-meaning activity.  It all depends on your word list. 


Day 4 Thursday: Blind sort - Work with your word study partner.  One partner will call out the words, and the other partner will need to tell them into which category the word should go.  When each partner has had a chance to do this, you can do a partner written sort.  In a partner written sort, each partner takes turns reading a word and using it in a sentence, while the other partner writes the word spelled correctly and in the correct category in their Word Study Notebook.  


Day 5 Friday: Assessment Day.  Students sit with their word study groups, and I will call out words from their list for them to spell correctly  and in the correct category.  On most assessments, I will include 3-4 words not on the list but that still follow the list's rule, to see if students can independently apply what they have learned.  Word study assessments will be returned to students for parent signature.  



There is no assigned word study homework.  Students should be using the word spelling patterns that they have learned in their daily writing, and be looking for them while reading.  Students should study on Thursday night before Friday's assessment.  


Types of Sorts to Practice 

Closed Sort - Students look at the words and sort according to category. Cards facing up.


Timed Sort - Sort your words 2-3 times into their correct categories and see if you can get faster each time.


Written Sort - Have someone read the words. You write them in the categories.


Blind Sort - Have someone read you the words. You sort them by telling the person what category to put it in face down.  When completed turn the cards over and check for correctness.


Word Hunt - Use the pattern of your list to find 5-10 words in whatever you are reading that fit the pattern that you are working on that week.