Louis Armstrong Blabberize Project

The objective of your project is to Blabberize Louis Armstrong.


Before you do anything watch the video below to see my example.

Mr. Sikorsk's Example


Here's what you need to do first.

1. Sign into your Google Drive and create a new blank document.

                        - User name: lastnameFirstinitial@rtmsd.net

                        - Password: Lunch number (Unless you changed it)


2. Click in the top left hand corner and label your document (Your Name) LA Bio.   Ex: Mr. Sikorski LA Bio.

3. Type what you want to say think about all the things I mentioned in my Blabberize:

                     - Full Name

                     - Birth / Death

                     - Nickname

                     - Instrument(s)

                     - Why I'm famous?

                     - What I did for civil rights?

                     - New Orleans Funeral / 2nd Line

                     - Any other facts.


4. Pick and image below, hold the control button on your keyboard and click the image you want. Save it to your desktop.






5. Go to Blabberize

6. Upload your image by selecting it from your desktop and follow the prompts to create a mouth.

7. Press the record button and read from your Google Doc. The closer you are to the microphone the louder the sound will be. It is OK if you can hear other voices in the background.

8. Copy and paste the link in your Google Doc and send it to your music teacher.