Film Score Project

5th Grade Film Score Project


1. Click the link to view the four silent films via Google Drive.

2. After you have chosen the video you want to compose the score to:

  • Two finger click and select download
  • Select save file
  • Click on the finder (two faces in your dock)
  • Select "downloads" find the video and drag it to your desktop.

3. Open Garageband

  • If not in your dock use the spotlight search. Top right corner of your desktop screen looks like a magnifying glass.

4. Select "Empty Project" from the Garageband home screen. Press choose button in bottom right corner.

5. Select "Software Instrument" from the next screen. Press create in the bottom right hand corner.

6. Close (Red X) the piano window. Click the button in the top left corner that looks like a volume knob. Click the button farthest left that looks like cards in a box.

7. File > Movie > Open Movie > Select your movie from the desktop.

8. Garageband has imported your movie and will show it to you using a view window. You can drag that window around the screen so it is out of your way. DO NOT CLOSE IT!!!!!!

9. Click the loop library button in the top right corner. Select MOODS from the filter menu.

10. Here is where the real work comes in.

  • Drag and drop the instrument / sound you want into the main project window.
  • Think about arraging the sounds in a way that is interesting, fits the actions on screen, and isn't too many instruments at once.
  • The looping button is your friend! You can loop a sound by selecting the top right corner and dragging it to match the length of the film.

11. When finished ask Mr. Sikorski for the next step.


Sound FX Library